Player of the Week (Grand Valley Minor Hockey)

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Player of the Week January 19: Eric C.

Grand Valley Minor Hockey has begun an organization-wide initiative where each week a top performing player in both hockey and personal life is selected and honoured with the player of the week award and a customized Grand Valley Minor Hockey branded game puck.

 This week’s Player of the Week is Eric C!

 Eric is the type of player every coach wants to have on his team. Very competitive and works hard, just like a Grand Valley Twister should, but always with the spirit of sportsmanship and fair-play. Eric’s sportsmanlike conduct was on display at his most recent game and has made him our player of the week.

 After the game, the opposing coach approached Eric to commend him for an act of kindness he hadn’t witnessed in years. Eric was charging hard down the ice displaying his trademark speed and fluid stride when he accidentally collided with an opposing player. Eric immediately recognized the other player had fallen, stopped during the play to assist his opponent, and picked up his glove to help in a display of true sportsmanship. Way to go, Eric!

 Congratulations Eric, this is true Grand Valley Twister's Spirit!


Player of the Week December 2: JR S.

During the Pee Wee tournament, a visiting team's goalie sustained an injury and was unable to continue playing. As a result, JR was asked if he would be willing to play net for them and, thereby, enable them to stay in the tournament.  

JR agreed, and ended up having to face his own team!

Congratulations JR, this is true Grand Valley Twister's Spirit!


Player of the Week November 23: Griffin P.

Griffin lead Novice Green with his strong offensive presence scoring 11 goals and adding 2 assists in their first 3 games, helping Novice Green to a 3-0 start to the season. 


His attention to the defensive side of the puck was quite noticeable as well. His determination and heart are evident throughout the game; skating down, catching up, and breaking-up the opposition’s offensive chances greatly helped in their fantastic start to the season. On a personal level, Griffin’s tutor began experiencing health issues and Griffin asked his parents if they could help him send a get well and quick recovery card. Griffin is both a thoughtful young man and an excellent hockey player.

Congratulations Griffin on this accomplishment and keep up the good work!

Player of the Week November 16: Owen T.
The first recipient is Owen T. from the Twister's Bantam team. Owen has been a leader both on and off the ice for the Bantam team, breaking up plays in his own end and leading the rush into the opposition end. In addition to Owen's hockey skill, he has also been doing well in his first year of high school and recently became certified as a referee. 

Congratulations Owen on this accomplishment and keep up the good work!